“Help to hydrate your body” is the focus of detox.

Notice as the balance is restored in your body making you feel more centered.

  • Organic ingredients and natural flavors for maximum enjoyment
  • Ingredients: nettle, ginger, licorice, fennel, anise
  • vegan, gluten and lactose-free, free of laxatives
  • Available in the Body Cure set along with slim!

12,90 £


(25,80 £/ 100g)

12,90 £


(25,80 £/ 100g)

Purify Your Body

The focus of detox! is to give your body enough hydration during the detox diet!

Teasire Philosophy

Healthy and Effective Detox Tea


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Detox Tea supports you by your detox diet!

What is a detox?

Detox comes from the root word detoxification, which is the process by which toxins are changed into less toxic or easily expellable substances. Toxins accumulate in our body due to stress, unhealthy diet and lack of exercise. We are also surrounded by pollutants everyday in the air we breathe and the water we drink. Ideally, our body strives to eliminate most of these toxins on its own, but in reality we are still filled with unwanted waste. What remains are damaging deposits that make us tired and often sick. Signs that there are too many toxins in our body include gastrointestinal problems, weight fluctuations, skin irritation, insomnia and a general lethargy.

What are the advantages of detox tea?

If a detox treatment is done properly, it has a positive effect on your body and overall health. For optimal results, you should be conscious of maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise routine. Additionally, you should avoid alcohol and consume plenty of water.  Detox remedies are also often used to supplement weight loss, however it’s important you adjust your diet and exercise routine accordingly. You should discuss with your doctor how a detox treatment could affect you, especially if you are pregnant or engage in any strenuous activity.

detox! by teasire®

detox! by teasire® contains organic ingredients of the highest quality to support your system’s cleanse and renewal.  Try detox! in combination with slim!, found in the ‘Body Cure’ package from teasire®, for a complete body renewal. To include your mind in this wonderful process, we recommend you also try the ‘Soul Cure’ package by teasire® consisting of balance! and boost! With boost! you can get a kick start to a successful day while balance! can help you wind-down and relax for the night. 

What are the ingredients in the detox tea?

To provide our customers the best possible teasire® experience, we only included teas that are rich in natural, organic ingredients and of excellent quality and origin. The ingredients that we use in our detox! tea are ginger, nettle, anise, licorice and fennel.

How is our detox tea drunk?

For an effective cup of detox! use 3g of the loose leaf tea. Allow the tea to develop its great taste and fragrance by steeping for 5-7 minutes in 100 ° C hot water. For best results, enjoy your detox tea in the afternoon as a welcomed break to everyday life. Enjoy the natural flavors or add a spoonful of honey to give it a sweet touch. To stay on the go, try our convenient teasire®  bamboo travel thermos!