Relax, breathe, and unwind.

Bring your body and mind into harmony. balance!  can foster your inner balance by synchronizing your mental and physical state to experience moments of relaxation and draw strength for new challenges.

  • Unwind after a busy day
  • Organic ingredients and natural flavors for maximum enjoyment
  • Ingredients: lemongrass, rooibos, licorice, lavender, fennel
  • vegan, gluten and lactose-free, free of laxatives
  • Available in the Soul Cure set by teasire® along with boost!

12,90 £


(25,80 £/ 100g)

12,90 £


(25,80 £/ 100g)

Take a sip of relaxation

balance! can help you find your inner balance

The focus of balance! is to rejuvenate your soul! – Let balance and harmony liberate you from the stress of everyday life.

Teasire Philosophy

Drink balance! to wind down at night

balance! can give you peace and serenity after a long day


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Find your balance with our tea

Relax with balance!

We are continuously exposed to the bustle and pollution of everyday life. Fortunately, a good cup of tea can create internal balance and free us of the excessive stress and anxieties before we lay down to rest at night. One proverb tells us, “Tea is drunk to forget the noise of the world”, and indeed it does bring us harmony and allows us to focus on our inner peace. Based on this philosophy, there are different rituals around the world for tea preparation and drinking. One of the best known is the Japanese tea ceremony. In Japan, tea is an important part of their culture and symbolizes simplicity and purity. Regardless of how you enjoy your tea, you can create your own “tea ritual” to escape from the everyday challenges and just relax.

How do you find relaxation?

Relaxation and balance don’t always come naturally, making it important for us to put a conscious effort into discovering our inner peace. Take the time to unwind, clear your mind, and refresh. Although it may seem simple, we often don’t find sitting back and relaxing high on our priority lists. Go to a quiet, comfortable location to remove yourself from the constant commotion of the outside world and feel your body calm as you leave behind the unnecessary stresses. To relax is to establish a distance to everyday life, which can be achieved with your favorite music, a good book, or a walk in the fresh air. Try yoga to strengthen your body and release the tension from your mind. You can find many exercises for free on the Internet! Take a warm bubble bath at the end of the day and sip on balance! for the ultimate nightly routine. Tip: Put some lavender oil in your bath water and notice how your body and soul relax.

balance! by teasire®

balance! by teasire® can support your health by releasing you from everyday stress and allowing you to experience moments of pleasure. Treat yourself to a cup of balance! and let your body and mind forget, for a moment, all the worries of everyday life. Pour a hot cup of tea and breathe the wonderful aroma of herbs balance! releases. Together with boost!, balance! forms the Soul Cure by teasire® that can be the optimal combination pampering your mind. While boost! can keep you feeling awake and refreshed to start the day, balance! can free your mind at night and allows you to rest in peace and harmony. For a complete internal renewal, add slim! and detox! from the Body Cure package. 

What ingredients are in balance!?

To provide our customers the best possible teasire® experience, we only included teas that are rich in natural, organic ingredients and of excellent quality and origin. balance! contains of the rooibos, lemongrass, licorice and levander.  

How is balance! drunk?

For an effective cup of balance me! use 3g of the loose leaf tea. Let rest for 5-7 minutes in 100 ° C hot water, before you start sipping. For best results, treat yourself to a cup of balance! as part of your nightly routine. Enjoy the natural flavors or add a spoonful of honey to give it a sweet touch To stay on the go, try our convenient teasire®  bamboo travel mug!