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 Wellness in double- Experience unique valuable moments of relaxation and pleasure with teasire®

Do you want to feel balanced and refreshed all day long? Use the teasire® Body and Soul Circle to promote vitality and overall physical and mental wellness. The Body Cure and Soul Cure tea duos complement each other perfectly and guide you through the whole day, from morning to night. Each of our teas contain unique, high-quality ingredients that offer a variety of health benefits.

The Soul Cure by teasire® consists of our boost! and balance! teas that keep you moving throughout the day and let you relax at night. With boost! you get the energy you need to power through the morning while balance! releases you from stress and anxiety and puts your mind at ease.

The Body Cure by teasire® consists of our detox! and slim! teas that rid your body of toxins and help you to achieve your weight loss goals.  Use detox! to support your body’s natural cleansing process and try slim! to prevent afternoon exhaustion and cub your appetite, revealing your ideal body.

See for yourself how the Body and Soul Circle by teasire® gives you a healthy and balance lifestyle.