About Us

Teasire® represents organic teas of the highest quality for the wellbeing of your body and your soul. We are passionate about creating teas that support a healthy lifestyle and promote overall balance. Therefore, we have developed the Body Cure and Soul Cure sets.  The Body and Soul teas are available individually or, for all-round wellbeing, can be purchased in a set!

Our Philosophy

Because we believe tea can be much more than a drink, we launched teasire®. Tea has become a growing trend in fitness and lifestyle communities. At teasire®, we want to create teas that inspire you to live a healthier, happier life. Teas by teasire® are the perfect wellness program for your body and soul and can be enjoyed all day long. We have developed the teasire® circle to show when it is most effective to drink each of our teas, so you can draw the best results from your tea cure.

Body and Soul Circle

We, at teasire®, are convinced that the wellbeing of our body and soul go hand in hand. When we refer to health, we mean the interaction between body and mind. Through this cycle we want to you to achieve your ideal physical and mental state. Each of our teas provide you with a variety of benefits to get you through the day. Our Soul Cure, consisting of balance! and boost!, stimulates your mornings and provides you with balance in the evening. The perfect complement to the Soul Cure, for your physical wellbeing, is Body Cure which provides you with slim!and detox! 

Ingredient Quality

To provide you with maximum enjoyment, we have pledged to only use ingredients of the highest organic quality. We take our ingredients from all over the world, including Asia and South Africa, to ensure your experience with teasire® is memorable. All of the ingredients in our teas are farmed without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and they are 100% natural.


We would like to provide you with additional information on tea in general, as there is always new, exciting material! Take a look at our teasire® blog if you’d like to learn more about our teas and their ingredients. You will also find other interesting and current material on leading a healthier life!

Teasire® on Instagram

Tell us and your followers how you prefer to enjoy your tea and be an inspiration to others! We are curious to see how you integrate teasire® into your healthy lifestyle. Tag us in your photos sipping on our tea with the hash tag #teasire (alternatively #drinkteasire #teasirestories)

Teasire® in the Press

You want to know more about teasire®? teasire® stands for 100% natural, organic teas that bring your body & mind harmony. We are a young company from Berlin, which started with an interest in herbal tea. Just visit our press section to find out more!